Sports hall - Požega Gymnasium

Sports Hall Adjoining The Požega Gymnasium Building

True cool for school.

Construction of a sports hall next to the existing building of the Požega Gymnasium.

Total building area: 3478 m2 (37,437 sq ft).

Design Task

Development of a three-part sports hall design for school use entailing independent power supply, contemporary style, and an amphitheater designed for public events.


Demanding positioning of a large volume of the hall in the existing space. Addressing fire protection requirements, particularly regarding access of firefighting engines. The existing amphitheater is to be removed due to excessive wear and replaced by a new one, retaining the character of the space. It must be equipped for multiple types of use (ranging from concerts to film screenings). Any construction must not infringe on the existing archaeological site and preserve an existing medieval wall. The building must be self-sufficient in terms of energy, in compliance with the highest environmental protection standards, and entirely suitable for persons with reduced mobility.

Project Progress

Commenced in August 2022.

Preliminary, and general designs have been developed along with the fire protection study, and the construction permit was obtained.

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Sports hall - Požega GymnasiumSports hall - Požega GymnasiumSports hall - Požega GymnasiumSports hall - Požega Gymnasium

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